The Pelješac Bridge apparently grows from the sea 25 meters deep on average.

The installation of steel structures between the pillars should soon begin, on which the first vehicles will pass in about two years. A special team of welders from China is a little late.

Steel structures are waiting on the shore, huge elements 20 meters wide made of steel, along which traffic will take place. In China, the production of 47 such steel blocks is underway, which should be on the construction site in about three months.

The bridge will have two traffic lanes, one in each direction and one stopping lane next to each. A windshield will also be installed so the bridge will not be closed.

Pillars are growing in our sea. Six steel blocks have already been placed in their positions and the assembly will begin soon. In addition to the bridge, access roads are also being built. The Dubrava and Zaradež traffic hubs are already being formed under the Debeli Brijeg tunnel. Works for the excavation of the Kamenica tunnel are being prepared, said Jere Šegedin, the construction site manager for Slobodna Dalmacija, a few days ago.