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Vessels and first parts for construction of Pelješac bridge arrived from China

23/12/2018|Categories: PROJECT PROCESS|

The Zhen Hua vessel transporting parts for the construction of the Pelješac bridge – a crane, barge and platform – has sailed into the Ploče port today. The vessel is carrying test piles which will be driven into the sea floor after the New Year. Check the pictures of the vessel entering the port taken by Denis Jerković.

Construction of Peljesac Bridge started

30/07/2018|Categories: PROJECT PROCESS|

In the town of Ston CEO of Hrvatske ceste Josip Skoric officially handed over the documents of the Peljesac Bridge project to Mr. Lu Shengwei marking the start of the period of 36 months and 30 days until the completion of the Peljesac Bridge. The construction site diary was opened and the minutes of access to and possession of the site signed. Mr. Lu Shengwei stated that the project would [...]