On July 30 last year the CEO of Hrvatske ceste, Mr. Josip Škorić, met with representatives of CRBC for the handover meeting during which documents were handed over, construction site diary opened and record signed on contractor’s taking over the possession of the site thus marking the start of the official, 36-month and 29-day deadline for the completion of the Pelješac Bridge.

Speaking on the occasion, the representative of our company, Mr. Lu Shengwei, stated that the project would be completed on time, with a good quality and hiring local companies, which is CRBC’s usual practice in carrying out international projects. And we have fulfilled our promise.
Already at the end of August last year we commenced the works on the survey of the sea floor in the Neretva channel and on December 23 a vessel sailed in from China to the Ploče Port carrying floating objects for the construction of the Pelješac Bridge – a crane, barge and platform. After installing two test pylons in the beginning of this year, all 148 pylons were driven into the sea floor by April 30 marking the official start of the second construction phase: pulling out debris from the pylons and commencement of concrete works. In less than one year the Pelješac Bridge emerged from the sea, the installation of pile cap plates started and those were the first parts of the bridge to be visible above the sea surface.

In the first half of April Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and China’s Premier Li Keqiang visited the construction site of the Pelješac Bridge ahead of the 9th Business Forum of CEEC and China. Marking the occasion, the two officials symbolically lowered into the sea the last and biggest pylon from the first construction phase, the biggest of the 150 pylons that constitute the central part of the bridge. Then they unveiled a metal plaque to commemorate the completion of the first construction phase. Installation of the largest steel pylon into the sea floor marked the completion of the first phase of the Pelješac Bridge construction.

Speaking to the audience, the Croatian Prime Minister stated that construction-wise the bridge was one of the most important bridges built in Europe over the past decade.

Today, one year after the start of the works, we continue with the same passion, dedication and knowledge to build one of the most important infrastructure projects in Croatia enjoying an invaluable support of Hrvatske ceste, the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and general Croatian public which has been closely following the progress of the project.