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  • Impressive night photographs of the Pelješac Bridge construction site

    You can check the progress of the Pelješac Bridge construction in the video and photo gallery. Concrete pouring works on the first pillar at the Pelješac Bridge construction site started last week. Precisely, on the pillar at Sea Post 8. The pillar armature frame has been placed on an impressive pile cap set on the sea post piles. Its dimensions are 29 by 25 meters, with a width of 5 [...]

  • From now on, the progress of the construction of the biggest infrastructure project in Croatia can be watched 24/7

    The construction of the Pelješac Bridge, currently the biggest and most significant project in Croatia, can now be tracked everyday and streamed on the web-page The camera capturing construction works on the bridge is in Komarna, and you can check out the appearance of the site, where construction works have been in full swing over the last few months HERE. The biggest investment in recent Croatian history, 'weighing' [...]


    Imamo zračne snimke s nekoliko tisuća metara visine: Tri stupna mjesta već su izašla iz mora Pelješki most sada je već vidljiv i iz aviona, s nekoliko tisuća metara visine. Na fotografijama snimljenim ovih dana iz putničkog aviona jasno se vide barem tri stupna mjesta koja su izašla iz mora i na kojima su postavljene naglavnice pilota. Na njih će kroz nekoliko mjeseci biti postavljeni stupovi mosta. Također su [...]

  • One year passed since the start of the construction works on the Pelješac Bridge

    On July 30 last year the CEO of Hrvatske ceste, Mr. Josip Škorić, met with representatives of CRBC for the handover meeting during which documents were handed over, construction site diary opened and record signed on contractor's taking over the possession of the site thus marking the start of the official, 36-month and 29-day deadline for the completion of the Pelješac Bridge. Speaking on the occasion, the representative of our [...]

  • The Pelješac Bridge has emerged from the sea

    The Pelješac Bridge has emerged from the sea. After all pylons, which are below the sea surface, 148 permanent and two test pylons, were driven into the sea floor in May, the installation of pile cap plates has started. They will be the first parts of the bridge above the sea surface. The Večernji list daily newspaper brings exclusive photographs from the construction site of the bridge that will bring [...]

Vessels and first parts for construction of Pelješac bridge arrived from China

23/12/2018|Categories: PROJECT PROCESS|

The Zhen Hua vessel transporting parts for the construction of the Pelješac bridge – a crane, barge and platform – has sailed into the Ploče port today. The vessel is carrying test piles which will be driven into the sea floor after the New Year. Check the pictures of the vessel entering the port taken by Denis Jerković.

Construction of Peljesac Bridge started

30/07/2018|Categories: PROJECT PROCESS|

In the town of Ston CEO of Hrvatske ceste Josip Skoric officially handed over the documents of the Peljesac Bridge project to Mr. Lu Shengwei marking the start of the period of 36 months and 30 days until the completion of the Peljesac Bridge. The construction site diary was opened and the minutes of access to and possession of the site signed. Mr. Lu Shengwei stated that the project would [...]

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